100 Posts–A Points Milestone

Our previous post was number one hundred for the Points blog–a small number, I suppose, in the blogging world, but still something of a milestone for our start-up enterprise!  The tag cloud to the right shows the most commonly used tags in the first 100 posts:

Addiction–32 posts; Policy–31 posts; Alcohol–23 posts; law–16 posts; popular culture–16 posts; research–16 posts

The top five most-read posts of the previous 100?  Here they are (linked, so you can read them if you missed them the first time they appeared):

1. Clinical Sentiments, Part 2: Shane MacGowan

2. Remembering Bob Schuster

3. Getting Relief in Wartime: Opioids, Pain Management, and the War on Drugs

4. Warring Cultural Icons? Addiction and Mental Illness as Brain Diseases

5. Work in Progress: Between Biological Reductionism and the Social Construction of Addiction


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