Teaching Points: “Narcotic Hedonism: American Drug Use”– Commentary on the Class

Editor’s Note: In the second part of their contribution to the “Teaching Points” series, Wesleyan University seniors Robert Echeverria and Siddhanth Issar meditate on the challenges and promises of a peer-led pedagogy of alcohol and drugs history.  The syllabus for their class on “Narcotic Hedonism” appeared yesterday.

“Hello Professors Echeverria & Issar.”
“We’re not professors. It’s just Rob & Sid.”

SOC420: Rob and Sid, Wesleyan '12

Having taught a class before, we expected it. Students come to believe that if you can put together a syllabus and demand a certain amount of work, you actually have the knowledge and authority to be at the head of the classroom. Sid & I saw things differently; we were teaching this class because it was something that we wanted to learn about that the faculty wasn’t offering. The turnout for the class really showed us just how much interest surrounds taboo topics such as drug use.

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