Deep Background: Border History as Drugs History

Points readers who enjoyed Michelle Garcia’s post on the “Myths of Mexico” a couple of weeks ago may be interested in her new documentary short, “Against Mexico: the Making of Heroes and Enemies.” Presented by Latino Public Broadcasting and now available on PBS website, the twelve-minute film looks at the historical relationship between the US and Mexico going back to the 19th century.  Not sure you’ve got twelve minutes? Well, here’s the trailer:

Reasonable people (and maybe also a few readers who found Points while looking for more information on “The Stoned Ages”) may wonder what the hell this film is doing on a blog devoted to drugs and alcohol history.  I mean, it’s about international relations, immigration, culture wars, labor history, but come on– where are the drugs??  Well, guess what?  Drugs and alcohol history are not always about what The Wire so trenchantly refers to as “dope on the damn table.”

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