Week In Review: January 9 to January 14, 2012

It was a banner week here at Points, as we re-opened our doors after a short winter respite. In the last six days, we’ve posted a passel of articles ranging in length and tone, but all worthy of a look. For your personal reference, please enjoy our Week In Review.

Monday: The week began on a melancholy note as we took a day to commemorate the founder of the Pain Relief Network – and valued Points contributor – Siobhan Reynolds. In “Remembering a Drug Activist: Siobhan Reynolds: 1961-2011,” Amy Long provided us with a thoughtful look into the life of a heroic woman who we hold in the highest esteem.

Tuesday: The New Year brought a new staff member to Points. I (Alex Tepperman, that is) took a moment to introduce myself to our cherished readers.

Wednesday: We provided a double dose of Points on hump day,beginning with Joe 
Spillane’s celebratory “Another Points Milestone, Another List!” in honor of our 50,000th view. Later in the day, I posted an article on our recent minor moral panic about alcohol and asked “Why Are We Drinking So Much?”

Thursday: For all you baseball fans out there – and, to be fair, that’s probably all of you – I posted an article about Tim Raines, Dock Ellis, and the moral hypocrisies surrounding drug use. In “Rock’ Raines and The Good Doctor,” I ask why sportswriters think it’s okay to use LSD but not cocaine.

Friday: On the last day of the workweek, we were treated to the latest edition of our Freaky Friday series. Emory’s Gary Laderman provided us with a fascinating look into the place of LSD in contemporary American spirituality. Enjoy this complex journey through mid-century American LSD experimentation, but don’t take the brown acid.

Saturday: The week ended with my post on the place of crack cocaine in comedy. In “Cracking Wise,” I look at America’s ambivalent attitude toward this most divisive drug and try to problematize the idea that South Park is a viable conceptual paradigm for understanding modern American mores

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