Friday Reads, Vol. 3

Editor’s Introduction: Because we here at Points believe that an understanding of the past is best supplemented with an eye toward the present (and the future), we offer up this weekly selection of long-form pieces on drug- and alcohol-related issues. This past week, the British Isles have been abuzz with discussion about how best to deal with the …

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Points Toward the Presidency: Ron Paul

In the aftermath of the Florida primaries, some Points readers may have taken their eyes eye off the Republicans in order to ponder President Obama’s bizarre refusal to discuss drug policy in an online chat Monday afternoon.  Not so guest blogger Kelsey Harclerode.  With an eye on the upcoming contests in Maine and the western states, today she brings us the final installment in our “Points Toward the Presidency” series: an overview of Doctor Ron Paul’s positions on everything from hemp farming to border security.  Admit it: this is the one you’ve been waiting for.  And now here it is.

This Post Does Not Talk About the Whole Alien Thing

The average person who is semi-knowledgeable about politics knows that Ron Paul has an interesting take on almost every issue – including modern drug policy.  The specifics of his beliefs, however, are less well-known, which is where I come in. Below I not only detail the different drugs-related legislation that Paul has sponsored or supported, but also examine various statements he has made about drugs during his twenty-four years in politics.

First things first – if you were not aware, Ron Paul is a conservative libertarian, interested in limiting government and promoting individual liberties. His ideological bent translates into some of the most radical platforms of all the Republican candidates. His “Plan to Restore America” pledges to cut $1 trillion in spending during his first year as president, as well as to eliminate all the inefficient government programs that infringe upon our civil liberties.

Unlike every other Republican candidate (and unlike the current President), Representative Paul believes that the war on drugs has been a monumental failure and should be eliminated.  Essentially, Paul loves liberty as much as he hates the war on drugs.

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