Introducing: The Points On-Line Library

As we promised last monthPoints has developed an on-line browsing library for our loyal readers. To access the library, just pass your cursor over the “Points Library” heading on the banner page and select one of the four categories you’d like to browse: Websites, Academic Journals & Government Publications, eBooks & Periodicals, or Movies & Shorts.

The library isn’t meant so much as a comprehensive database of all known drug and alcohol-related resources, but is rather an ongoing collective project meant to bring together interesting pieces for casual browsing or reference. To that end, if there’s anything you’d like to see added to the library, please get in touch with your suggestion.

We look forward to expanding the library over time with your help and we thank you for your continued support of Points.

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  1. Sorry if I was unclear. The banner page is the strip just underneath the picture of the silver syringe where you can find “About Points,” “Contributing Editors,” and, now, “Points Library.” Enjoy!

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