New Feature: The Collected Points Interviews

The Points Interviews are some of our most popular posts. They’ve now been gathered together in the Points Library.

Organized by date with the most recent interview first, you can find all 59 (and counting!) interviews from January 2011 to today under “The Points Interviews” tab, available under “Points Library” in the masthead.

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “New Feature: The Collected Points Interviews”

  1. Emily, a great idea. Hard to believe that we have reached 59 of these interviews, and good for them to be re-presented in a way that makes them accessible. It was Trysh Travis who first conceived of the interview idea, and who drafted the basic questions that still structure most of of the Points Interviews. We were pretty sure that there was enough new work to justify a regular feature, and we have not been disappointed. The number 59 is testament to the volume of high-quality work being published. Would be interested to know what the most popular interview has been over the last four years…

    • That would be really interesting! I might make a google analytics account for the site to see what’s popular and what our reach is. I’ll certainly let you know when I get the results.

    • Doing these interviews is one of my favorite things about working on the blog. (And I try to read everything we cover, so anyone interviewed is guaranteed at least one sale!)

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