New Research on Drug Use: TGIF Edition

Editor’s note: Happy Friday! In today’s post, we present a sampling of new research on drug use among different professions. These entries are part of an ongoing drug-related dissertation bibliography being compiled by Jonathon Erlen, which was formerly published in the Social History of Alcohol and Drugs journal but is now periodically featured on the Points blog. Contact Dr. Erlen through the link above.

Workplace smoking bans and daily smoking patterns: Implications for nicotine maintenance and determinants of smoking in restricted environments

Author: Dunbar, Michael Stephen

Abstract: Background : Daily smokers are thought to strive to maintain blood nicotine levels above a certain threshold. Workplace smoking bans pose a substantial barrier to nicotine maintenance. Individuals may compensate for time spent in smoking-restricted environments by smoking more before (“anticipatory”) or after work (“make-up” compensation), but this has not been quantitatively examined.

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