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Points is a group blog that brings together scholars and thinkers with wide-ranging expertise to produce original reflections about the history of drugs, medicines, alcohol, pharmacy, and their allied fields. Points provides a forum for exchange: of new ideas, of original insights, and of thoughtful speculations about disciplinary, professional, and intellectual boundaries and divisions.

With a diverse audience in mind, postings to Points will be short takes (about 750–2000 words) by contributing editors and guest bloggers on a wide range of topics, including intoxicants, health and medicine, pharmacy and pharmaceuticals, and much more. To generate new dialogues that bridge false divides and break down artificial silos in both history and praxis, posts might include a rumination about a new archive, scathing cultural criticism, commentary on current events, interviews, book reviews, or policy analysis, etc.

More informed than the mainstream media and more accessible than academic journals, Points will exemplify a new kind of scholarly exchange that showcases innovative ways of thinking about substances, society, and health in the past and the present.

Points was founded in 2011 by Joe Spillane and Trysh Travis. It is a joint blog sponsored by, the Alcohol and Drugs History Society, an affiliate organization of the American Historical Association, and the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy, a constituent society of the American Association for the History of Medicine. For further information, contact Managing Editor Greg Bond.

Material posted to Points is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means that written text posted on this blog is available for sharing purposes, but credit must be given to Points and the original author. More information about this license is available here.

Points does not endorse specific treatment centers or any single model of addiction recovery. As a matter of academic integrity, we do not publish sponsored posts.

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