ADHS Daily Register: Call for Editors

The Alcohol and Drugs History Society is looking for one or more new Managing Editors of the ADHS Daily Register.  The Daily Register is a long-time online publication of the ADHS, dedicated to providing regular news, publication updates, and announcements of interest to both the members of the organization and the wider, global audience interestedContinue reading “ADHS Daily Register: Call for Editors”

The ADHS at AHA: Two Panel Possibilities

Editor’s note: Emily Dufton, assisting the ADHS in assembling panel proposals for the AHA conference in January, 2014, passes along two potential panels for which paper contributions are eagerly sought. Please contact Emily directly, at, if you are interested.  1) A drug use and social movements panel: What are the various roles drug useContinue reading “The ADHS at AHA: Two Panel Possibilities”

The American Disease: Still Learning?

Editor’s Note: This week’s symposium marking the 40th anniversary of David F. Musto’s The American Disease continues today with a reflection by Joe Spillane, managing editor emeritus of Points and Associate Professor of History at the University of Florida. Joe’s discussion illuminates the breadth of a scholar’s engagement with a major work in his field,Continue reading “The American Disease: Still Learning?”

Booze and Pilots: Flight

Editor’s Note: Our thanks to David Courtwright for offering this take on addiction, sobriety, and flying, sparked by the release of the film Flight:  Some movie scenes, like Jack Nicholson smashing through the bathroom door in The Shining, enter popular lore from the moment they appear on the screen. Flight has two such scenes: theContinue reading “Booze and Pilots: Flight”

LSE IDEAS: The Global Drug Wars

Recently, the LSE IDEAS program hosted a daytime conference, “Reevaluating the International Drug Control System–Historical Evolution; Potential for Reform,” along with an evening event, “The Global Drug Wars.”  Both events are worth sharing with the readers of Points. LSE IDEAS is housed within the London School of Economics, and focuses on international affairs.  The ambitionContinue reading “LSE IDEAS: The Global Drug Wars”

The Wire at Ten: Joe Spillane, “I’ve Never Watched The Wire”

Editor’s Note: This week we begin a new series marking the tenth anniversary of The Wire, arguably the most important television program about drugs in the history of…well, of the whole world. Points co-founder Joe Spillane kicks us off today– in a post I had to twist his arm to write– with his meditations onContinue reading “The Wire at Ten: Joe Spillane, “I’ve Never Watched The Wire””

The Points Interview: Isaac Campos-Costero

Editor’s note: Today’s entry in the Points Interview series is number twenty-seven, and features Isaac Campos-Costero discussing his recently published Home Grown: Marijuana and the Origins of Mexico’s War on Drugs (University of North Carolina Press, 2012). Describe your book in terms your mother (or the average mother-in-the-street) could understand. Between the 1840s and 1920,Continue reading “The Points Interview: Isaac Campos-Costero”

Shanghai Reflections: A Final Postcard

Editor’s Note: As a final word, here are a few thoughts from Diana L. Ahmad of the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and a participant at the conference.  Thanks to Diana for taking a moment to prepare these thoughts.  In late June, over forty scholars from four continents and eight countries gathered at ShanghaiContinue reading “Shanghai Reflections: A Final Postcard”

Shanghai Reflections, Part Two: Talking Across Levels of Analysis

Editor’s Note: Today, the Points blog presents the second part of my (Joe Spillane) reflections on the recently-concluded meeting, “Drugs and Drink in Asia: New Perspectives from History.”  Part one of these reflections considered the problem of talking across substances, while today’s comments consider the challenges posed by integrating levels of analysis. We interrupted theContinue reading “Shanghai Reflections, Part Two: Talking Across Levels of Analysis”

Shanghai Reflections, Part One: Talking Across Substances

Editor’s Note: This week, I’ll be offering up some reflections on the recently-concluded conference, “Drugs and Drink in Asia: New Perspectives from History,” which was held at the Shanghai University on June 22 and 23, 2012.  The conference itself was organized by Drs. Yong-an Zhang, James H. Mills, and myself (Joe Spillane).  The sponsoring organizationsContinue reading “Shanghai Reflections, Part One: Talking Across Substances”

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