The Intoxication Cure: Sickness, Sadness, and the Self-Medication Hypothesis

When we use a drug off label because it makes us feel good and we are tired of feeling bad, or calm nerves with a glass of wine, or have an extra shot of espresso to get through a long day, we are self-medicating. “I’d better figure out where to score some pot,” my friendContinue reading “The Intoxication Cure: Sickness, Sadness, and the Self-Medication Hypothesis”

A brief commentary on comments or, “we will figure this shit out”

youtube comment: “Addiction is such a vague term” reply: “Disease is also a vague term…we can spend hours picking apart words and meanings” It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an author who wants to remain in possession of her sanity must avoid reading the comments section of anything she writes. If the internet isContinue reading “A brief commentary on comments or, “we will figure this shit out””

Deadly Intoxication, or: A Series of Odd Coincidences

“This pussy has teeth; no one should fuck me ever” — Margaret   I begin this post with exciting news: Slava Tsukerman and Anne Carlisle are collaborating on either a sequel to or a documentary about the making of Liquid Sky, the 1982 science fiction movie about Margaret, the new wave Edie Sedgewick-inspired club-hopping modelContinue reading “Deadly Intoxication, or: A Series of Odd Coincidences”

The Return of the Crack Baby. Again.

“I think that if you say something three times out loud, people take it as fact. And also, I think there are certain ideas that people want to believe, that really fit in with cultural stereotypes, and it’s hard to get rid of those”– Claire Coles A friend recently posted a Retro Report video aboutContinue reading “The Return of the Crack Baby. Again.”

The Authority of What Experience?

In most cases, people gain expertise through direct experience. This is not true when it comes to addiction, where legitimate expertise is derived from a lack of direct experience. There are many reasons for this, including cultural investment in educational prestige, faith in systems of authority, resentment of those who take their pleasure in whatContinue reading “The Authority of What Experience?”

Reflections on Addicts Who Survived: How to Survive a Farce

Karl Marx is credited with observing that, “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” It is hard not to remember this insight when reading the brilliant Addicts Who Survived two decades after its initial publication. After all, the year the book was published, 1989, was the same year Bush Sr. announced that the $2400Continue reading “Reflections on Addicts Who Survived: How to Survive a Farce”

Of Mugshots and Meth or, the Horror of the REAL

In an attempt to garner publicity for its services, published an infographic entitled “The Horror of Methamphetamines.” It is, indeed, a horrifying spectacle, a “sobering depiction of REAL individuals who’ve fallen victim to the temptation of drug use.” We know what we are seeing is “REAL” because all the photos are mugshots. The dispassionContinue reading “Of Mugshots and Meth or, the Horror of the REAL”

Sobriety is Boring

Playlist for this post: “Sober” (Pink) “Sober Song” (Noir Desir) “Clean” (Depeche Mode) “Straight Time” (Bruce Springsteen) “Beautiful World” (Colin Hay) “Vipassana” (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis) “I’m Straight” (The Modern Lovers) “One Day at a Time” (Joe Walsh) “It’s been While” (Staind) “Good Day” (Paul Westerberg) “That’s Why I’m Here” (Kenny Chesney) “Twist in myContinue reading “Sobriety is Boring”

The Crack Baby Incident

A funny thing happened when I started telling people about the crack baby myth: they didn’t believe me. “Myth?” they said, “but the crack baby is real!” My facebook page was consumed in a 25-comment debate before I could convince some of my intelligent, educated friends that, indeed, the crack baby is a fiction. AnContinue reading “The Crack Baby Incident”

What We Talk About When We Talk About Sexual Addiction

I just don’t see how anyone can write about sexual addiction without also writing about masculinity and feminism. But before I do that, let me propose a few caveats: It is not my place (or ambition) to say whether sexual addiction exists or not. I am not claiming that there are not also women whoContinue reading “What We Talk About When We Talk About Sexual Addiction”

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