“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!”

In a strange twist in the history of international drug interdiction, three West African drug traffickers have through their attorneys in New York Federal Court openly acknowledged that they are in the global business of distributing cocaine.  According to a story, “Admitting Clients Are Drug Traffickers, but Denying Guilt,”  in the New York Times AprilContinue reading ““We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges!””

David Foster Wallace and Addiction and Recovery (and History)

Maria Bustillos, of TheAwl.com has written a thoughtful (long) commentary on the collection of carefully read, highlighted, and annotated recovery/self-help books in the newly opened David Foster Wallace Papers at UT Austin’s Harry Ransom Center.  Her  well-documented essay addresses a question about which there has been much speculation since DFW’s suicide in 2008: did he identifyContinue reading “David Foster Wallace and Addiction and Recovery (and History)”

Guest Blogging: Siobhan Reynolds

With this first in a series of posts by Siobhan Reynolds, formerly of the Pain Relief Network, Points inaugurates a guest blogging feature, showcasing voices from inside and outside of the academic and policy worlds. Reynolds founded the Pain Relief Network (PRN) in 2003 in response to her husband’s experience with chronic pain and theContinue reading “Guest Blogging: Siobhan Reynolds”

Gender and Campus Drinking 101

Vice-President Biden was at the University of New Hampshire today to riff on Gertrude Stein and remind students and faculty that “rape is rape is rape.” The occasion?  Justice Department pressure on colleges and universities to improve campus safety around the issue of sexual assault.  As an NPR story noted this morning, 1 in 5Continue reading “Gender and Campus Drinking 101”

Also Not for the Squeamish (Or for Anybody, Apparently)– Feminist Alcohol and Drugs Scholarship

Earlier today, Points Contributing Editor Michelle McClellan used her experience in a near-empty room at a Women’s Studies conference to explore the difficulty of crossing disciplinary borders to do meaningful research on addiction.  This was a very mature thing for her to do.  Let me lower the tone of discussion a bit by drawing attentionContinue reading “Also Not for the Squeamish (Or for Anybody, Apparently)– Feminist Alcohol and Drugs Scholarship”

Wait a Minute– Meth is the New Meth!

In a startling reversal of last week’s panic over Oxycontin, the NY Times reported today that many states are facing “a surging methamphetamine problem,” and contemplating a drastic measure to stop it: making the pseudoephedrine-based cold medicines that are meth’s precursors available by prescription only.  Oregon and Mississippi have already done this, apparently to greatContinue reading “Wait a Minute– Meth is the New Meth!”

Recovery Lifestyle, 2.0

Today witnesses the launch of TheFix.com, a new “sober lifestyles” site offering “addiction and recovery, straight up” (their words, not mine).  The site is the brainchild of former magazine publisher and recovering alcohol abuser Maer Roshan, who discovered recently while getting sober that in recovery you find “people who are united by their values, unitedContinue reading “Recovery Lifestyle, 2.0”

Points on Policy: Medical Marijuana

A spate of recent articles in the national and alternative press have examined Oakland, California’s very interesting attempts to create a marijuana industrial complex that would throw off revenue to the cash starved city and state.  As a sidebar, some outlets have carried stories about what “McDonaldizing marijuana” would mean for small growers.  This weekendContinue reading “Points on Policy: Medical Marijuana”

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