Weekend Reads: Tragedy, Then Farce Edition

When Karl Marx claimed that history repeats itself twice, “first as tragedy, then as farce,” he didn’t have synthetic testosterone or Major League Baseball in mind. Nonetheless, the American public has seen Marx’s principle on full display in their sports coverage over the last two weeks. Mirroring last March’s moral pandemic about Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielderContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Tragedy, Then Farce Edition”

Weekend Reads: Michael K. Williams Edition

Earlier this week, Michael K. Williams, the actor who so memorably portrayed Omar Little on The Wire, admitted in an interview with the New Jersey Star-Ledger that he had been leading a double life. While playing the Robin Hood of the modern underclass – a shotgun-wielding robber of drug dealers with a penchant for HoneyContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Michael K. Williams Edition”

Summer Re-Run: Weekend Reads– Ryan Leaf Addiction Edition

Editor’s Note: Last spring Points intern Alex Tepperman published this thoughtful piece on Ryan Leaf’s ignominious rise and fall.  With Leaf’s name once again in the news as details of his sentencing are made public, we’re honoring the summer tradition of re-runs and putting this back on the top of the page.  On Friday, MarchContinue reading “Summer Re-Run: Weekend Reads– Ryan Leaf Addiction Edition”

Weekend Reads: Gin & Jews Edition

On April 27th, the New York Police Department booked Detroit Tigers’ outfielder Delmon Young on assault charges. With the Tigers in town to play the Yankees, Young painted the Big Apple red, getting “highly intoxicated” and engaging in a violent scuffle on Sixth Avenue around 2:40 in the morning. The fact that Young, a troubledContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Gin & Jews Edition”

Introducing: The Points On-Line Library

As we promised last month, Points has developed an on-line browsing library for our loyal readers. To access the library, just pass your cursor over the “Points Library” heading on the banner page and select one of the four categories you’d like to browse: Websites, Academic Journals & Government Publications, eBooks & Periodicals, or Movies & Shorts. TheContinue reading “Introducing: The Points On-Line Library”

Weekend Reads: Keggy the Keg Edition

This past Tuesday, police paid a visit to the Boston University chapter of Alpha Pi Epsilon. Responding to a noise complaint at the off-campus, unsanctioned fraternity, the Boston blue stumbled across five pledges, taped together and left for some indeterminate length of time in the frat house basement. At some point, AEP’s eleven current members hadContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Keggy the Keg Edition”

Special Announcement: The Points Online Library Project

Points‘ mission, in addition to providing readers with a regular opportunity to read new, insightful, and provocative content on the history of drugs and alcohol, is to help further develop  online research and publishing in general. In an age in which WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are fundamentally altering the nature of academia – in both positiveContinue reading “Special Announcement: The Points Online Library Project”

Weekend Reads: Trayvon Martin Edition

Geraldo Rivera made a truly catastrophic appearance on Fox & Friends last week, when the man famous for finding bupkis in Al Capone’s vault felt the need to weigh in on the most tempestuous news story of the moment. When asked about the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Rivera launched into a tirade denouncing the malevolent forceContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Trayvon Martin Edition”

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