March In Review

Editor’s Note: As you may have noticed, we here at Points have not been publishing our regular Week in Review lately. Instead, we’re experimenting with a new monthly review column that will allow our readership to get a more holistic sense of the various projects Points’ contributors have been working on. This means that, in the interest ofContinue reading “March In Review”

Weekend Reads: Rick Scott Edition

As you may or may not know, Points’ HQ is nestled in the sticky, swampy collegiate backwater of Gainesville, Florida. Located just a few hours from the state capital of Tallahassee, we here at the University of Florida get a regular chance to see Governor Rick Scott at work. While Scott’s archconservative policies don’t tendContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Rick Scott Edition”

Weekend Reads: Pat Robertson Edition

In 1992, Pat Robertson famously decreed that feminism – or what he imagined “feminism” to be – was “a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” These sorts of comments litter Robertson’s half-century career as a for-profit conservative televangelist extraordinaire and haveContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Pat Robertson Edition”

Week In Review: March 5 to March 10

Over the past week, we here at Points continued our Courtwright Symposium, offering readers a series of responses to David Courtwright’s reflections on history, historians, and addiction. We were lucky enough to get incisive commentary from three excellent contributors whose writings will help us better frame the series’ finale this coming week. Monday: We began theContinue reading “Week In Review: March 5 to March 10”

Weekend Reads: Neil Hope Edition

Usually on Weekend Reads, we focus on what people are saying about drugs and alcohol. When we covered Whitney Houston, we looked at the ways in which journalists and pundits baldly pronounced the singer’s drug to be a central aspect of her legacy. Last week’s reflection on the Ryan Braun “scandal” focused more on the waysContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Neil Hope Edition”

Week In Review: February 26 to March 3

Points “leapt” (get it?) into March with the continuation of one popular series, the beginning of a new series, and the announcement of yet another series that will begin soon. In addition, Points hosted an interesting one-off piece that might make you reconsider your drinking habits and, as usual, provided some Weekend Reads. Monday: WeContinue reading “Week In Review: February 26 to March 3”

Weekend Reads: Ryan Braun Edition

As I mentioned in this space a month ago, I very much enjoy talking about the intersection of drugs and baseball. The ways that fans, members of the media, and players discuss the issue are  valuable ways of seeing how people contextualize the importance of drug use in our society. Moreover, the general public seemsContinue reading “Weekend Reads: Ryan Braun Edition”

Week In Review: February 20 to February 25, 2012

While late February may be dispiriting to many of our readers who eagerly anticipate the end of winter, we here at Points have no complaints, having had a crackerjack week. We’ve had six authors cover a wide variety of fascinating topics, including the culture of the drug trade in Africa and Mexico, public histrorians’ presentationsContinue reading “Week In Review: February 20 to February 25, 2012”

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