Points Toward the Presidency: Ron Paul

In the aftermath of the Florida primaries, some Points readers may have taken their eyes eye off the Republicans in order to ponder President Obama’s bizarre refusal to discuss drug policy in an online chat Monday afternoon.  Not so guest blogger Kelsey Harclerode.  With an eye on the upcoming contests in Maine and the westernContinue reading “Points Toward the Presidency: Ron Paul”

Points Toward the Presidency: Mitt Romney

Editor’s Note: In this, the penultimate installment of our series of profiles of the Republican presidential candidates, guest blogger Kelsey Harclerode examines the policy stances of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and finds them–like the rest of his candidacy–completely unsurprising and largely uninspiring. Willard Mitt Romney: the Republican candidate you hate to love. As ourContinue reading “Points Toward the Presidency: Mitt Romney”

Points Toward the Presidency: Newt Gingrich

Editor’s Note: With his unexpected win in South Carolina last Saturday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich just rocketed to the center of the Republican stage. Guest blogger Kelsey Harclerode’s examination of Rick Perry’s record on drugs drove him out of the race last Thursday.  What effect will her withering gaze have on the newly resurgentContinue reading “Points Toward the Presidency: Newt Gingrich”

Points Toward the Presidency: Stephen Colbert

Editor’s Note: Following her reviews of the Ricks– Santorum and Perry— Guest Blogger Kelsey Harclerode brings her attention to the third (or maybe second-and-a-half) candidate in Saturday’s South Carolina Republican primary: journalist and political pundit Stephen Colbert. Friday’s “South Cain-olina Primary Rally”made it clear: Stephen Colbert wants to be the Republican presidential nominee. Because ColbertContinue reading “Points Toward the Presidency: Stephen Colbert”

Points Toward the Presidency: Rick Perry

Points’ coverage of Rick Perry’s drug policies appeared at 8:13 this morning.  Exactly one hour later, the Huffington Post carried the news that Perry was dropping out of the race and would endorse Newt Gingrich as the Republican candidate.  Our memo on Gingrich will appear next week– what happens next is anybody’s guess. –the eds.Continue reading “Points Toward the Presidency: Rick Perry”

Points Toward the Presidency: Rick Santorum

Editor’s Note: As we mentioned in our recent valediction for Jon Huntsman, this week sees the beginning of a timely new series at Points, where we map the republican presidential candidates’ stances on a range of drug and alcohol issues.  A new and  zealous staffer is dedicating herself to bringing Points readers profiles of allContinue reading “Points Toward the Presidency: Rick Santorum”

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