Teaching Points: “Drugs in U.S. History”

Around the beginning and end of every semester (summer included), we feature syllabi, instructional materials, and instructor reflections on courses related to topics of interest to Points readers. Below, you’ll find the syllabus for “Drugs in U.S. History,” a summer course taught this year by Kyle Bridge at the University of Florida. In a fewContinue reading “Teaching Points: “Drugs in U.S. History””

Hot Take: Dr. Oz Defends Medical Marijuana on “Fox & Friends”

Anyone tuning in to Fox & Friends this week was treated to an awkward moment courtesy of Dr. Oz, when he went off-script after plugging his upcoming interview with Ivanka Trump and launched into an impassioned defense of medical marijuana. “Can I ask you one thing? I talked about the opioid epidemic, but the realContinue reading “Hot Take: Dr. Oz Defends Medical Marijuana on “Fox & Friends””

Big Nicotine, Part II: Addiction and the “Cult of Pharmacology”

Last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced its intention to lower the nicotine content of cigarettes to, ideally, “minimally or nonaddictive” levels. Public health advocates celebrated the decision; on the other hand, Big Tobacco investors began dumping shares at the prospect of supplying an ever-more-elastic demand. Cigarette critics and capitalists alike belong toContinue reading “Big Nicotine, Part II: Addiction and the “Cult of Pharmacology””

Episode 6 of Pointscast Now Available!

On the latest episode of Pointscast, the first, best, and only podcast of the Points blog, hosts Alex Tepperman and Kyle Bridge offer their thoughts on the ways domestic and international drug use are portrayed in American media. But first, for months listeners have been submitting questions for our expert Q&A series. Kyle opens theContinue reading “Episode 6 of Pointscast Now Available!”

Donald Trump on Drugs: Election 2016, Part I

In response to Donald Trump’s sniffly debate performances over the last month-and-a-half of the 2016 presidential campaign, the Twittersphere erupted in wild speculation that the alleged billionaire had prepared with lines other than his taking points. “Notice Trump sniffling all the time. Coke user?” ventured Howard Dean, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, one-timeContinue reading “Donald Trump on Drugs: Election 2016, Part I”

Happy (Late) Halloween from Points!

Boo! We at Points hope everyone had a safe, fun Halloween. Today, take time to recover from holiday parties, the long walks between neighborhood houses, or the effort of taking down your spooky decorations. We’ll resume our normal posting schedule Thursday, November 3, but in the meantime, as you enjoy your treats from last night,Continue reading “Happy (Late) Halloween from Points!”

Trick or Treat? On Laced Candy and Other Drug Myths

This year, medical marijuana is on the ballot in my home state of Florida, and it’s likely to pass: the latest statewide poll shows 77 percent of Floridians support the proposed constitutional amendment. But the remaining 33 percent aren’t taking this lying down. On Monday, some county sheriffs held a press conference ostensibly on HalloweenContinue reading “Trick or Treat? On Laced Candy and Other Drug Myths”

CFP: The Alcohol and Drug History Society’s “Drinking and Drug Policies in History”

Drinking and Drug Policies in History: Contextualizing Causes and Consequences Call for papers: Alcohol and Drugs History Society conference  22-25 June 2017, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. The twentieth century dawned with an unparalleled drive to regulate the production, distribution, and consumption of alcohol and other psychoactive substances. Many countries have developed their own specific historical trajectories of substanceContinue reading “CFP: The Alcohol and Drug History Society’s “Drinking and Drug Policies in History””

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