Report on the University of Michigan Meeting on “Sex/Gender and Psychoactive Substances”

Longtime Points readers no doubt know that one of the blog’s founding interests lies in bridging (or breaching) the institutional, material, and conceptual boundaries that separate historians from on the one hand, policy/public health folks and, on the other, “brain scientists” and their ilk.  Joe Gabriel blogged about the difficulties of this project in anContinue reading “Report on the University of Michigan Meeting on “Sex/Gender and Psychoactive Substances””

Documents: “A Female Junkie Speaks”

Editor’s Note:  A few days ago I articulated my interest in uncovering the radical feminist position on drug use and abuse—or in figuring out why radical feminists didn’t have one.  Now in the document-gathering phase, I’ve come across one early statement on drugs that seems particularly noteworthy.  “A Female Junkie Speaks,” which appeared in theContinue reading “Documents: “A Female Junkie Speaks””

Feminist Anti-Addiction Discourse: Towards a Research Agenda

Devoted Points readers may recall that over the last year contributing editor Michelle McClellan and myself have mused on the odd relationship—or lack thereof—between addiction studies and women’s studies. Given the high correlation between alcohol/drug abuse and a variety of forms of violence against women, as well as the demonstrated role that alcohol and drugsContinue reading “Feminist Anti-Addiction Discourse: Towards a Research Agenda”

“There’s a Reefer Man in Here!”

Thanks to the eagle eye of Contributing Editor Ron Roizen, who spotted this piece of regional drugs history, we reprint the following courtesy of the “Out of the Box” blog of the Library of Virginia. In the early morning hours of 31 May 1936, Margaret Jacobs was awakened by a “lumbering in the kitchen.”  SheContinue reading ““There’s a Reefer Man in Here!””

“The Sun is the Same in a Relative Way…”

… as it was about a year ago when Points posted our first pieces of “short and insightful writing on the long and complex history” of alcohol and drugs.  And certainly, as the song says, we’re all “older and shorter of breath…closer to death.”  But if you can quit staring at the lava lamp forContinue reading ““The Sun is the Same in a Relative Way…””

“Jonny, We Hardly Knew Ye!”

The Points staff notes with sadness that former Utah governor Jon Hunstman has withdrawn from the competition for the Republican nomination. News of his decision in this regard came just as the staff was preparing a new series, to roll out next week, on the drugs and alcohol platforms of all the candidates.  Was itContinue reading ““Jonny, We Hardly Knew Ye!””

More Books on Drugs

Editor’s Note: Readers who enjoyed the fiction recommendations from the Points editorial crew may want to know that a few of the editors did surf the web looking for ideas as we prepared that post. As we perused the many “Best of 2011” lists out there, we came across “The Nobbies”— a compilation of admirableContinue reading “More Books on Drugs”

Alcohol and Drugs History at the AHA Annual Convention I

Editor’s Note: If you’ve not looked at our banner recently, you may not know that Points readers is an official organ for the Alcohol and Drugs History Society (ADHS), an affiliated organization of the American Historical Association.  That venerable body holds its annual meeting next weekend, and the ADHS is sponsoring two sessions chock fullContinue reading “Alcohol and Drugs History at the AHA Annual Convention I”

Counterprogramming Capra: The Points Holiday Viewing List

Editor’s Note:  Okay: you’ve read Joe Spillane’s thoughts on Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, but maybe even his Points-inspired re-viewing of the film can’t get you excited about ol’ George Bailey and all that guardian angel stuff.  For all those who simply can’t stand any more cinematic Christmas cheer (Acker, Ambler, McClellan, Roizen, Spillane)–Continue reading “Counterprogramming Capra: The Points Holiday Viewing List”

Holiday Gift Books II: Points Recommeds Alcohol & Drugs Non-Fiction

Editor’s Note: You liked the suggestions for novels and memoirs, sure, but let’s admit it: everyone has a dad who only wants to read non-fiction.  Here’s your chance to avoid buying him yet another hack trade book about Abraham Lincoln or the financial crisis.  Get something you might actually enjoy talking about.  The Points staffContinue reading “Holiday Gift Books II: Points Recommeds Alcohol & Drugs Non-Fiction”

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