Points on Policy: Medical Marijuana

A spate of recent articles in the national and alternative press have examined Oakland, California’s very interesting attempts to create a marijuana industrial complex that would throw off revenue to the cash starved city and state.  As a sidebar, some outlets have carried stories about what “McDonaldizing marijuana” would mean for small growers.  This weekendContinue reading “Points on Policy: Medical Marijuana”

Oxy is the New Meth

The New York Times gleefully reports today on the bust of  Staten Island Oxycodone ring whose leaders shilled the pills out of ice cream trucks parked in the borough’s suburban neighborhoods.   This is slightly different in substance but identical in tone to recent stories about “pill mills” in South Florida and Ohio that have identifiedContinue reading “Oxy is the New Meth”

R.I.P., Alice D. Millionaire

The New York Times reports the death of chemist Augustus Stanley Owsley III, pioneer of industrially produced LSD.

Capitalism + Dope = Genocide

Lunchtime once again finds me browsing around online, and I’ve stumbled across Michael “Cetewayo” Tabor’s famous 1970 pamphlet “Capitalism + Dope= Genocide”, published by  the New York Black Panther Party.  This is a document from a very specific stratum of anti-drug discourse: a populist anti-drug message grounded in political economy and in the race andContinue reading “Capitalism + Dope = Genocide”

Los Angeles: City of No Surprises

Everyone, including the writer/director, producer, and stars of the film, had figured Debra Granik’s Winter’s Bone a long shot in all the Academy Awards categories for which it was nominated last night–Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay (from the novel by Daniel Woodrell).  Nevertheless, it was particularly depressing to seeContinue reading “Los Angeles: City of No Surprises”

London High Society

It’s lunch time in my office, and that means it’s time to raise up from a stack of student papers and enjoy the riches of “the Internets.”  Top of the list today for any lover of alcohol and drugs history should be the online component of London’s Wellcome Library High Society exhibit, the analogue versionContinue reading “London High Society”

I’m Shocked, Shocked! to Find that People are Doing Drugs On Campus!

And even more shocked to find that other people are being shocked to learn of it.  That’s what’s going on over at Inside Higher Ed today, where the editors are breaking news of recent Ivy League drug busts and the commentators are all getting their cynic on about how everyone knows the Ivy League hasContinue reading “I’m Shocked, Shocked! to Find that People are Doing Drugs On Campus!”

Starting Points

Points (n.) 1. marks of punctuation. 2. something that has position but not extension, as the intersection of two lines. 3. salient features of a story, epigram, joke, etc.:  he hit the high points. 4. (slang; U.S.) needles for intravenous drug use.

Points: Of Origin

What is the point of an academic group blog, my co-managing editor Joe Spillane wants to know? It’s a necessary and pleasurable adjunct to an academic print culture that, while maybe not quite dead, can hardly be termed in the pink of health.  The book I published last year on addiction and recovery appeared inContinue reading “Points: Of Origin”

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