Call for Papers: Drugs and Drink in Asia

Editor’s Note: We’re posting a just-issued call for papers for a conference (“Drugs and Drink in Asia: New Perspectives from History”) to be held at Shanghai University through the David F. Musto Center for Drug Policy Studies.  As one of the conference organizers, I’d like to invite readers to recall Prof. Musto himself.  Doubtless he’d …

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100 Posts–A Points Milestone

Our previous post was number one hundred for the Points blog–a small number, I suppose, in the blogging world, but still something of a milestone for our start-up enterprise!  The tag cloud to the right shows the most commonly used tags in the first 100 posts:

Addiction–32 posts; Policy–31 posts; Alcohol–23 posts; law–16 posts; popular culture–16 posts; research–16 posts

The top five most-read posts of the previous 100?  Here they are (linked, so you can read them if you missed them the first time they appeared):

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More Dispatches From Buffalo: Addiction Analytics

Editors’ Note: We’re grateful to guest blogger Michael Durfee for adding to our ADHS conference reporting.  Below is the first of three very insightful panel reviews he’s prepared.  Michael is currently a doctoral candidate in History at SUNY Buffalo.  He’s working on a dissertation that examines crack-era drug reform, racial conservatism, the state of race and police/resident relations in New York City, the emergence of hip-hop culture as a counter-narrative, and the politics of symbolism under the Reagan administration.  At the Buffalo meeting, Michael presented a paper (“Len Bias and the Poltiics of the 1980s ‘Crack’ Panic”) which he’ll mention in the third and final of his reports.

Addiction Analytics

David Courtwright began the afternoon by posing a fundamental question:  Has the Internet exacerbated extant addiction?   For Courtwright, the tentative answer appears to be an emphatic yes.  In order to prove his case, Courtwright first points to what he refers to as  “Limbic Capitalism”: The production, marketing, and distribution of goods and services that stimulate pleasure and emotional responses in the limbic region of the brain (gambling, junk food, internet addiction, etc.).  Behaviors elicited by limbic capitalism take on characteristics of addiction and addictive behavior.  Those of us with relatives or friends who spend ample time on social networking sites like facebook, or play Xbox into the early morning hours know all too well how this type of behavior mirrors that of someone, say, hooked on smack.

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Your Buffalo Bill of Fare

We’ve been noting for a while now the upcoming conference, Pub, Street and Medicine Cabinet, otherwise known as the 6th International Conference on the History of Alcohol and Drugs.  It begins one week from today (the evening of Thursday, June 23) at the University of Buffalo (SUNY).  If you’re within easy range of Buffalo, you …

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Reminder: Pub/Street/Meds is Going Fast

The window is closing fast for next month’s scintillating Alcohol and Drugs History Society Conference on The Pub, the Street, and the Medicine Cabinet, 24-26 June in Buffalo, New York.  By “window” in this instance we mostly mean “conference hotel special discount rates.”  Those bargain basement prices will be available to all and sundry starting …

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