I’m Shocked, Shocked! to Find that People are Doing Drugs On Campus!

And even more shocked to find that other people are being shocked to learn of it.  That’s what’s going on over at Inside Higher Ed today, where the editors are breaking news of recent Ivy League drug busts and the commentators are all getting their cynic on about how everyone knows the Ivy League hasContinue reading “I’m Shocked, Shocked! to Find that People are Doing Drugs On Campus!”

Rural Distilling in Burma and Nigeria

On a visit to Myanmar/Burma in late December I toured the region surrounding Inle Lake, well known for its spectacular beauty and villages on stilts.  A boat trip to the southern reaches of the lake took us to a regional market and to several temple sites—and to a local distillery.  We were welcomed by theContinue reading “Rural Distilling in Burma and Nigeria”

The Points Interview: Mark Schrad

The second installment in our continuing series of author interviews features Mark Lawrence Schrad, author of The Political Power of Bad Ideas: Networks, Institutions, and the Global Prohibition Wave (Oxford University Press, 2010).  Mark Schrad is currently Assistant Professor of Political Science at Villanova University.  After checking out the interview, readers may also wish toContinue reading “The Points Interview: Mark Schrad”

The Points Interview: Daniel Okrent

Author interviews will be a recurring special feature on Points, and our first foray into the genre is with Daniel Okrent, author of Last Call: the Rise and Fall of Prohibition (Simon & Schuster, 2010). Describe your book in terms your mother (or the average mother-in-the-street) could understand. LAST CALL tells the difficult-to-believe story ofContinue reading “The Points Interview: Daniel Okrent”

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