Craft Beer and Bovines: A Brief History of Distillery Dairies

The craft beer revolution is surely upon us. In 2013, some 2,822 breweries operated in the United States, marking the highest nationwide total since the 1880s. Nearly all of them – 2,768 to be precise – were considered craft breweries. Such numbers are the result of exceptional growth. The craft beer industry has grown nearlyContinue reading “Craft Beer and Bovines: A Brief History of Distillery Dairies”

Points Interview — Frank Priestley

Editor’s Note:  British beer brewer, Frank Priestley, in this engaging author’s interview, tells us a little about his new book, The Brewer’s Tale:  Memoirs of a Master Brewer (Merlin Unwin Books, 2010).  1.  Describe your book in terms your bartender could understand. After leaving school, I started work in a brewery almost by accident.  Of theContinue reading “Points Interview — Frank Priestley”

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