Another Shot: Will dAd5GNE “End” Cocaine Addiction?

Among Facebook friends familiar with my work, dozens of conversations have started by their linking me to relevant pieces on, for example, the racial disparities of marijuana legalization, the therapeutic application of psychedelics, and, perhaps less pressing but no less appreciated, the varieties of ways our ancestors got high. As much as I try toContinue reading “Another Shot: Will dAd5GNE “End” Cocaine Addiction?”

More Dispatches from Buffalo: Biomedicine and its Critics

Editors’ Note: Here’s the second of Michael Durfee’s reports from the recent ADHS conference.  Readers interested in more about Michael should consult his first post. Biomedicine and its Critics in Addiction On Saturday, Caroline Acker spun the tale of methadone’s multiplicity.  Acker presented a case for the five lives of methadone:  First, as a powerfulContinue reading “More Dispatches from Buffalo: Biomedicine and its Critics”

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