POINTS Guide to the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

In case you hadn’t heard, the 83rd Annual Academy Awards will be distributed on Sunday evening. And even if you haven’t paid attention recently (or ever), it might be of interest to you as a POINTS reader to recall that Oscar – the nickname for film industry’s most prestigious award for achievement – has longContinue reading “POINTS Guide to the 83rd Annual Academy Awards”

London High Society

It’s lunch time in my office, and that means it’s time to raise up from a stack of student papers and enjoy the riches of “the Internets.”  Top of the list today for any lover of alcohol and drugs history should be the online component of London’s Wellcome Library High Society exhibit, the analogue versionContinue reading “London High Society”

Disconnect: Moral Liberalization and Mass Incarceration

Note: The following is David Courtwright’s thoughtful response to my earlier post, in which I raised some questions about his recent work. Joe Spillane has identified a central paradox of recent American history. Why were the prisons filling up, particularly with drug offenders, when legislatures and courts were liberalizing policies on divorce, Sunday liquor sales,Continue reading “Disconnect: Moral Liberalization and Mass Incarceration”

Turn, Turn, Turn

If you’re familiar with Rorotoko, the author interview site, you’ll probably observe that we borrowed a bit from that concept in developing our own author interview format. We liked the idea of allowing authors to speak for themselves in talking about their book, and we felt it was important to leave the formal book-reviewing workContinue reading “Turn, Turn, Turn”


Television narrative has long mined drug and alcohol use and abuse for inciting incidents. As a plot device deployed to inaugurate conflict within a television narrative, drugs and alcohol can really do the trick, whether for single episodes or for multi-episode story arcs. In a dramatic series, this or that beloved character might become addictedContinue reading “RehabTV?”

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