Interdisciplinary Collaboration–Not for the Squeamish

It might sound like the beginning of a bad joke: one historian, two social workers, and a psychologist walk into a conference room…. but there we were, at the Michigan Women’s Studies Association conference last weekend, ready to launch an interdisciplinary discussion of issues related to addiction and gender.  (The conference, “Leading the Way: Feminism,Continue reading “Interdisciplinary Collaboration–Not for the Squeamish”

Remembering Bob Schuster

NOTE: Dr. Charles Robert “Bob” Schuster passed away on February 21, following a sudden illness.  Bob was a remarkable figure in the modern history of substance abuse research.  Nancy Campbell and I had the great privilege of having Bob Schuster as one of the participants in our oral history project on addiction research.  Nancy conductedContinue reading “Remembering Bob Schuster”

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